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The Biggest Threat to your Network Security: Email Communications

When it comes to protecting your businesses infrastructure, it is safe to assume that you have some form of cyber protection activated. But email communications represent the biggest threat of all, because it takes advantage of the end user, in one form or the other. It generally only requires one misstep from a member of …Read More

Profile PhotoID Agent TeamJune 19, 2017

Cooperative Purchasing 101

Many government contractors work closely with the Federal Government through a GSA Schedule. However, there are some programs that allow state and local government procurement participation in the GSA Schedule program. One of these is the Cooperative Purchasing Program. It is one of the easiest programs to participate in, due to its inclusivity. Cooperative Purchasing …Read More

Profile PhotoMorgan TaylorJune 19, 2017

63% of Data Breaches Result From Weak or Stolen Passwords

In its recent 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report, Verizon Enterprise confirmed many industry trends that we see at ID Agent every day. The most glaring blind spot for organizations is how stolen credentials are the primary means by which hackers exploit their vital systems. Credentials are the holy grail for hackers. In a study of 905 phishing …Read More

Profile PhotoID Agent TeamJune 16, 2017

OneLogin – When Password Storing Goes Wrong

OneLogin, a company that provides single sign-on capabilities to safely store passwords of over 23 million users including 2,000 businesses, has suffered a compromise that included the ability to decrypt customer data. In a recent blog, the company revealed that an attack occurred May 31st at 2 am and was identified by a staff member around …Read More

Profile PhotoID Agent TeamJune 15, 2017

5 Things to Cut from Your Streamlined Proposal

At your 20 year mark? Say goodbye to a tedious proposal process! Congratulations on your successful partnership with the Government, under the GSA’s Federal Supply Schedules (FSS). Not all contractors make it to the 20-year mark with their GSA Schedules Contract and even less will extend the partnership past that. You’ve gotten this far, let’s talk about the …Read More

Profile PhotoKevin LancasterJune 15, 2017

The Ransomware Assault on Healthcare

Hospital networks can unfortunately become a goldmine for attackers that use ransomware worms as their weapon. If deployed, lives may be endangered, hospitals usually must pay the ransom, or pay to get files retrieved and its reputation could be damaged. Because these attacks are increasing due to lucrative benefits, teaching and reminding hospital staff to use valuable cyber …Read More

Profile PhotoID Agent TeamJune 12, 2017

RFS Cost Proposal Models: Saving Government Contractors Time, Money and Providing Peace of Mind

Is your business looking to propose on this year’s largest service procurements and IDIQs, such as GTACS II, SIA III or LOGCAP V, as a prime contractor or as a subcontractor? Rose Financial Services (RFS) has a new solution to help the complicated cost and pricing process become easier than it’s ever been before. The …Read More

Profile PhotoRose Financial ServicesJune 12, 2017

Why Managed Service Providers Must Monitor for Compromised Credentials

If your customers are like most organizations, 75% of their employees recycle or use a variation of the same password across most of the systems and websites they access – both on and off their employer’s network. And this practice is becoming increasingly dangerous. Your company may have implemented an internal protocol to educate your …Read More

Profile PhotoID Agent TeamJune 8, 2017

Can State and Local Governments Purchase through a GSA Schedule?

Government contracting is most often associated with the federal government; however, state and local entities are sometimes able to benefit from General Service Administration (GSA) Schedule Contracts as well. Four specific programs allow State and Local Governments to purchase goods and services through this contract vehicle and each program has different requirements and definitions. Keep …Read More

Profile PhotoMorgan TaylorJune 8, 2017

Finding Your Small Business Recipe for Success

Client Spotlight – Sayres and Associates Corporation, a Veteran and Native American Owned Small Business. As we continue celebrating National Military Appreciation Month, we spoke to representatives from Sayres and Associates Corporation (Sayres), a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). Hank Miranda, Information and Security Director and Brennan Roy, Director of Business Development explained to …Read More

Profile PhotoMeghan GallagherJune 5, 2017

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