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Federal Procurement Subcontracting: A Vacationer’s Guide


Each year, the government spends hundreds of billions of dollars on contracts. According to recent reports, as much of 50 to 70 percent of this money is spent on subcontracts.  Although many government contractors enter into subcontracting relationships, many do not fully understand the rules and regulations that govern the practice, nor do they fully appreciate the common pitfalls encountered by most companies. The lack of understanding of Federal Procurement Subcontracting regulations and requirements can lead to devastating consequences in the highly regulated world of government contracts.

The course then explores key definitions relating to subcontracting starting with, how to manage subcontracts, how to find partners and know what to look for in potential partners, and how to navigate terms and conditions like a seasoned professional. Feel confident as either a prime contractor or subcontractor after completing this course.

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Unit One
Preliminary Considerations 00:05:55
Key Definitions 00:03:41
A Note About Privity 00:02:54
Governing Law 00:02:29
Claims 00:02:14
Unit Two
Managing Subcontracts Part One 00:08:38
Managing Subcontracts Part Two 00:07:11
Selecting Your Partner 00:04:03
Terms and Conditions 00:04:30
Unit Three
Eight Key Tips (The First Four) 00:06:03
Eight Key Tips (The Last Four) 00:06:37
Federal Procurement Subcontracting: A Vacationer’s Guide Quiz 00:30:00

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