Our Mission

To help professionals and organizations successfully compete and win government business.

GovernmentContract.com is a leading online learning platform providing professionals and organizations with the education, tools and insights they need to win government business. Individual Members are provided Free access to GovernmentContract.com’s video library of top-quality courses taught by recognized industry experts. The company also provides its content in more than 30 languages including Spanish, German, French and Italian and to persons with audio and visual impairments.
The founders of GovernmentContract.com have spent the past 14 years helping thousands of industry professionals, executives and the organization’s they represent successfully enter and compete within the government marketplace.
Who uses GovernmentContract.com?
In addition to helping individual achieve personal and professional educational goals, we offer flexible, cost-effective team memberships to organizations, non-profits and government institutions.
Created by Winvale, GovernmentContract.com is headquartered in Washington, DC.

Our Approach to Learning

"Top to Bottom, Basic to Advanced"

From fundamental concepts to advanced topics, trends and techniques, GovernmentContract.com allows members to thoroughly master the Government contracting industry – at their own pace.

“Expert Led”

We have brought together a community of industry experts who understand the need for such a unique resource. We are proud to offer truly unique online learning platform and community that is completely free to join.

“Video Based & On- Demand”

No matter what path you choose, you have the power to shape your personal knowledge and impact your organization’s government sales. We are focused on you as a learner and committed to helping you succeed in doing business with the government.
We are focused on you as a learner and committed to helping you succeed in doing business with the Government.

About Us

Mastering the Federal, State and Local Government marketplace is no easy task. Because of this, we gathered the leading Government Contracting industry experts and created a FREE (no strings attached) community designed to train, educate and empower beginners and experts alike.