Federal Opportunity Identification
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Federal Opportunity Identification


Develop the ability to identify the right opportunities for your organization to pursue while creating short and long term pipelines

This course does a deep dive into the free online tools and resources you can use to research early-stage and re-compete opportunities. Learn how to conduct market research and how to dissect agency forecasts to develop short-term and long-term opportunities to add to the pipeline. Specifically, learn how to access and deifier government budget estimates provided by OMB 300s (Capital Asset Plan for major IT Investments), and Exhibit 53s, (Agency IT Investment Portfolios).

In Unit One we will be focusing on the two primary sites that can be used by government contractors to find short term and long term pipeline opportunities. These sites are FBO and FPDS, both of which are free to use.

Next, in Unit Two, we be covering resources provided by an Agency that can help you to find long term pipeline opportunities and plan for the future. These Agency resources are an Agency’s budget, strategic plans, and procurement forecasts. These resources are often underutilized by government contractors so we want to make sure that by the end of this course you are prepared to use them to your advantage.

Finally we will end with Unit Three which will focus OMB 300s, and Exhibit 53s. These two agency documents are geared more towards IT companies, but are still beneficial for all government contractors to know and understand.

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Unit One
What Is Federal Business Opportunities (FBO)? 00:01:11
Opportunity Types in FBO 00:02:34
Registering in FBO 00:02:21
Finding Opportunities in FBO 00:05:43
Setting Up FBO Alerts 00:04:09
Who Should Be Using FBO? 00:02:23
Keeping Up FBO 00:03:09
What is FPDS? 00:02:02
Using FPDS 00:03:34
Tracking Competitors in FPDS 00:05:17
Finding Expiring Contracts in FPDS 00:07:30
Dissecting a Contract in FPDS 00:03:14
Unit Two
Agency Resources Overview 00:01:09
Utilizing an Agency Procurement Forecast 00:03:35
Agency Budgets 00:04:49
Agency Strategic Plans 00:04:27
Unit Three
Understanding OMB 300s 00:04:32
Understanding Exhibit 53s 00:05:25
Federal Opportunity Identification Quiz 00:30:00

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