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Mike is an attorney specializing in multistate sales and use tax matters for multistate and multinational businesses. For more than 20 years, as leader of his firm, practice leader for global accounting firms and in-house for two publicly- ...

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Multistate Sales Tax – What Every Government Contractor Needs to Know


This course is designed to teach you the key information you need to know as a government contractor on the topic of multistate sales tax.  The course provides a general overview of sales tax nexus, the factors that create physical presence and sales tax obligations for contractors, novel state nexus theories currently be employed by states to assert sales tax compliance obligations over out of state businesses, and potential federal legislation of the matter.   In addition, the course will provide an overview of sales tax and specific application to government contractors.  Lastly, you will learn what to do should you be contacted by a taxing authority, when to involve sales tax experts and specific areas in which experts can enhance sales tax compliance processes.

Too often, sales tax nexus and compliance obligations are over-looked or ignored by contractors until it’s too late.  Don’t make that mistake – get started with this course today!

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Unit One
Course Overview 00:02:07
Unit Two
Nexus: Overview and Physical Presence Nexus 00:08:19
Nexus: Other State Novel and Trending Nexus Theories 00:12:30
Nexus: Federal Remote Seller Bills 00:06:06
Unit Three
Sales Tax: Overview 00:04:17
Sales Tax: Base 00:12:15
Sales Tax: Sourcing 00:06:16
Sales Tax: Exemptions and Drop Shipments 00:10:06
Unit Four
Involving Experts 00:08:43
Unit Five
What’s on the Horizon? 00:03:54
Multistate Sales Tax – What Every Government Contractor Needs to Know Quiz 00:30:00

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