Why Managed Service Providers Must Monitor for Compromised Credentials

If your customers are like most organizations, 75% of their employees recycle or use a variation of the same password across most of the systems and websites they access – both on and off their employer’s network. And this practice is becoming increasingly dangerous.

Your company may have implemented an internal protocol to educate your clients and their employees that they need to cultivate better cyber hygiene. However, the reality is that it’s difficult to change a habit. Whether out of convenience, forgetfulness or unintentional negligence, it’s a battle that most organizations don’t know how to solve and are ill-equipped to prevent.

Preventing an Inevitable Security Breach

Whether they know it or not, just about every American between the ages of 21-65 has been impacted by a data breach that has exposed some elements of their identity. From email addresses and passwords to social security numbers and dates of birth. There are billions of compromised/stolen records for sale on the hard-to-access portion of the internet called the “dark web.”

Let’s say one of these impacted individuals is an employee at your client’s business. And this employee has access to data that a maliciously minded third-party would consider “valuable.” Once his credentials are compromised because of a weak password, sensitive data ranging from employee payroll details to financial information, medical records and proprietary intellectual property will now be accessible by hackers. The act of securing this data through network monitoring, firewalls, encryption and even 2-factor authentication is often rendered virtually useless when the bad actor can slip right through your defenses.

In many cases, especially when companies do not have a wide breadth of cyber knowledge, the bad actor can gain direct access to systems through automated means or brute forcing the password. In other cases, the bad actor will first exploit the employee personally through your customer’s network, social engineer the employee and leap into your company’s network. Sound like science fiction?  Unfortunately, it’s not. This scenario plays out tens of thousands of times a day. Since many attacks go undetected for months, or even years, an attacker can monetize their craft and create challenges for individuals and organizations for years to come.

Protecting Your Customers Sensitive Data with Dark Web ID

ID Agents’ compromised credential monitoring platform (Dark Web ID) allows MSPs and MSSPs to automate the discovery of email addresses and passwords that could potentially be used to exploit their customer’s networks and employees. By integrating our cybersecurity solutions into your existing managed service, risk and cyber security support programs, you can demonstrate a clear competitive advantage and become a trusted advisor like no other.

Benefits of Incorporating Dark Web ID into Your MSP or MSSP Offerings

  • Access to high-margin stolen credential monitoring services that will differentiate your managed services business
  • An easy-to-use automated monitoring platform with the ability to deploy across your customer base immediately
  • Customer prospecting tools to allow you to identify prospects that can immediately benefit from your services
  • Dedicated sales enablement support with no channel conflict that ensures success from day one
  • SaaS, API and white label solutions available for MSSPs, Solution Providers, Systems Integrators, and OEMs
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June 27, 2017

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