About Us

  • 2008
  • Annapolis, MD
  • Mike is an attorney, and the founder and President of Dillon Tax Consulting. With his focus primarily on the state and local tax needs of businesses, Mike provides solutions and planning recommendations to clients' questions regarding sales tax, property tax, business license tax, various other state and local tax matters, and other business compliance requirements. In this capacity, he assists clients to identify their state and local tax obligations and areas of tax exposure, proactively mitigate these exposure items, secure refunds of overpayments, and develop controls to meet tax obligations and minimize tax compliance risks. To date, Mike has saved his clients Tens of $Millions by identifying and securing refund opportunities and minimizing potential exposure. He also represents clients before taxing authorities, successfully resolving tax audits and disputed tax matters.

    With more than twenty years of state and local tax experience, Mike has both public accounting and private industry expertise. Mike began his career as a tax attorney for a multi-billion dollar international communications company, which he successfully represented in over fifty sales and transaction tax audits before state and local taxing authorities around the country, resulting in savings exceeding $20Million. Mike also assisted this company to determine the taxability of its products and services, as well as in the conversion of twenty-one legacy billing systems to two new platforms.

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