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Fundamentals of Federal Contract Vehicles


Knowing what government contract vehicles your prospects use to buy goods and services before you start your business development activities is vital.

This course provides an overview of the most common government-wide acquisition contracts (GWACs), indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contracts (IDIQs) and Blanket Purchasing Agreements (BPAs). Gain specific insight into the $32 Billion+ GSA Schedule contract program and similar programs like NASA SEWP.

During Unit One we will be covering what an IDIQ is, and what a GSA schedule is. Both of these are very important for government contractors to have a clear and firm understanding of. This training is also very important for new government contracts as oftentimes GSA schedules are a lot more far reaching that a contractor may at first think. They are also used frequently by all of the Federal agencies and thus are a great contract vehicle for any government contractor to be on.

In Unit Two we will review what a GWAC is and what the most common GWACs are. There are many different GWACs within the Federal government space, however we think you will get the hang of how GWACs work by reviewing the top few.

This course is very important for government contractors, as there is no avoiding IDIQs or GSA schedules in the federal contracting space.

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Unit One
What Is A Contract Vehicle? 00:05:07
Are Contract Vehicles a Requirement? 00:03:01
What Is an IDIQ? 00:05:38
What Is A BPA? 00:05:24
Getting Your Own Contracting Vehicle vs Partnering On A Contract Vehicle 00:04:19
Unit Two
What Is A GWAC? 00:06:04
GSA Alliant 2 Overview 00:03:24
DHS EAGLE 2 Overview 00:02:48
Navy Seaport-e Overview 00:02:51
NASA SEWP V Overview 00:03:12
GSA OASIS Overview 00:02:35
VA T4NG Overview 00:02:27
Fundamentals of Federal Contract Vehicles Quiz 00:30:00

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