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Fundamentals of GSA Schedules


GSA Schedules are consistently one of the most commonly used contract vehicles by Federal, State and Local government agencies to acquire good and services from organizations across nearly every industry.  Establish a strong understanding of the GSA schedule program is required for any organization looking to scale its government sales.

This course provides a thorough overview of the GSA Schedule contract program, reviews the process of getting on the GSA Schedule and demonstrates how to succeed as a GSA contractor. Gain insight into how to market your company and its GSA Schedule and how to leverage the GSA Schedule to expand state and local government sales through cooperative purchasing.  This course is taught by GSA experts to help you on your way to becoming a GSA expert.

During Unit One we will be covering the basics regarding the GSA schedule program. We will first discuss what exactly a GSA schedule is. We will follow this by learning more about the cooperative purchasing program which is a special program available to two of the GSA schedules. Lastly we will discuss how to use and customize the GSA schedules logo. Most government contractors don’t realize the full potential of the GSA logo, but we want to make sure you are ready to use it to your advantage.

In Unit Two we will be learning about some of the free sites that are available for anyone to use that are beneficial especially to GSA schedule holders. These are GSA Advantage, GSA eBuy, and Schedule Sales Query, or SSQ.  GSA Advantage is a great site for the government to use in order to find products they may need, while GSA eBuy is used for finding opportunities that are on your schedule and SINs. SSQ is great for research purposes and can help you learn about the overall movement and health of your GSA schedule.

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Unit One
What is a GSA Schedule? 00:06:49
Utilizing the Cooperative Purchasing Program 00:05:22
Utilizing the GSA Schedules Program Logos 00:04:14
Unit Two
What is eLibrary? 00:11:16
What is GSA Advantage? 00:07:40
What is GSA eBuy? 00:11:30
What is SSQ? 00:09:18
Fundamentals of GSA Schedules Quiz 00:30:00

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