Fundamentals of Federal Proposals
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Fundamentals of Federal Proposals


Preparing to respond to a federal opportunity can be a complex and daunting tasked for an inexperienced government contractor.

Starting with an overview of the proposal response process and how to make go/no-go decisions, this course will help you understand how to prepare a well-crafted response to your next federal proposal pursuit. Learn how to dissect a request for proposal (RFP) and how to develop a proposal response matrix that helps you make effective decisions on whether or not to pursue an opportunity. Also find out how to develop a proposal response team and structure a response process that eliminates the last minute proposal scramble.

During Unit One we will be doing a in depth review of the various proposal stages, typical proposal sections you may be required to respond to and how to come to a bid or no bid decision on whether or not your organization should put together and submit a proposal for a solicitation.

In Unit Two we will discuss how to effectively review a request for proposal, what you and your team should do before you begin to write a proposal, and what a compliance matrix is along with how you will use it.

Following this we will move on to Unit 3 which will examine color team reviews, proposal support types such as a proposal writer or manager, and the importance of keeping a file of all submitted proposals.

Finally, in Unit 4 you will learn what the typical proposal scoring system looks like, how your proposal is typically evaluated based on criteria, and what the proposal evaluation process consists of.

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Unit One
Proposal Stages 00:03:54
Typical Proposal Sections 00:05:33
Bid – No Bid Decision 00:03:39
Unit Two
How to Effectively Review an RFP 00:02:03
What To Do Before You Begin Writing a Proposal 00:03:01
Compliance Matrix 00:02:21
Unit Three
Color Team Reviews 00:02:20
Proposal Support Types 00:02:49
Keeping a file Of All Submitted Proposals 00:01:24
Unit Four
Typical Proposal Scoring System 00:03:12
Evaluation Criteria 00:04:00
Proposal Evaluation Process 00:02:17
Fundamentals of Federal Proposals Quiz 00:30:00

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