We surveyed capture managers, and three questions were top of mind

Winning government contracts is twofold – finding opportunities is just as important as surfacing the right opportunity.  Federal business development and sales teams regularly use Bloomberg Government to source opportunities and build their pipelines, but we’ve recently seen a surge in interest from their counterparts on capture teams.

Capture managers are responsible for identifying opportunities and coming up with strategies to ‘capture’ that business opportunity. They often have limited bid and proposal resources, so directing energy towards viableopportunities is essential.

Bloomberg Government clients shared their capture plans with us, and in each instance they were attempting to answer three key questions.

1. How real is this opportunity?

Finding the incumbent contract or task order is the first step in confirming how “real” an opportunity is.

Bloomberg Government aligns end dates with burn rates to give users a more accurate assessment of when an opportunity might pop. We list all the modifications associated with the contract/task order, providing a direct line of sight into the cadence of payments to help with the development of a Price To Win strategy (PTW). We also link to the original RFP so they can understand the scope of work.

In this same lookup, users can see the specific funding entity how many companies bid on the original opportunity and the socio-economic indicators of the incumbent and the sub-contractors on the incumbent’s team.

In a matter of seconds, Bloomberg Government users have a complete “What? Where? How?” picture as well as the beginnings of a PTW and teaming strategy.

2. Who are the likely bidders? Who should we be teaming with?

Understanding the competitive landscape is key, and allows you to discover potential partners in your industry.

Bloomberg Government’s agency hierarchies are industry leading. By isolating the specific office funding the incumbent business, users can identify other well-placed bidders.  This insight has two applications:

1.  Seeing the extent of a competitor’s business with a specific customer is immensely valuable in making a bid/no bid decision.

2. Users can understand which companies have a successful history with a customer – insight which informs proactive teaming conversations.

3. Is my team comprised of interested vendors or value-add partners?

Interested vendors and viable teaming partners are not the same thing.

Bloomberg Government’s data empowers users to identify the extent — and type —of work done by teaming partners under consideration. Whether as a prime or a sub, they can determine their value add for a customer.

Interested in more effective teaming, timely bid/no-bid decisions and increased p-win? Click here to schedule a conversation with a Bloomberg Government product expert.

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August 24, 2017

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