Race to the finish — Maximizing Q4 opportunities

For federal vendors, the fourth quarter of the federal fiscal year is key: Government spending surges, and savvy contractors are also laying the groundwork for fiscal 2018.

In a recent webinar, Bloomberg Government analysts discussed the government’s fourth-quarter spending trends and opportunities. Participating in the webinar were analysts Kevin Brancato and Daniel Snyder, and sales executive Chetin Durak.

Among the top takeaways:

  • -On average, almost one third of the government’s $478 billion in contract obligations are awarded in the fourth quarter.


  • -All agencies don’t buy goods and services the same way. The State, Health and Human Services and Interior departments obligated more than 45 percent of their contracting funds in the fourth quarter, while the Energy Department and Securities and Exchange Commission obligated only about 12 percent.


  • -Spending on multiple-award contracts accelerates as the fiscal year ends, with more than 35 percent of MAC contract happening in the fourth quarter.


  • -Company positioning in the fourth quarter can propel fiscal 2018 performance.


  • -Contractors can employ specific strategies to take advantage of Q4 spending.

Watch the replay:

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August 24, 2017

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