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IT Startups: Spring into Success on GSA’s $15 Billion Schedule 70

For years the GSA Schedules Program required companies to have a minimum of two years’ corporate experience before applying for a GSA Schedule Contract. Now, with the U.S. government having a higher demand for emerging technology solutions than ever before, new Information Technology (IT) companies don’t have to wait to become a GSA IT Schedule …

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7 Common Mistakes Unsuccessful Contractors Make and How to Avoid Them

If you took the time to compare your government sales strategy to your commercial sales strategy, what would you find? For most contractors we’ve worked with, they’ve found that their government sales strategy ranges from weak at best, to non-existent. Seriously, how can you expect to grow a successful government practice without a well-developed plan …

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Women in Business: It’s Worth Being a WOSB

If women’s history in labor and business is any example of past entrepreneurial challenges that have been overcome, then 2017 should expect nothing less than great advances by women-owned businesses creating more opportunities for themselves. Government contractors recognize the benefits of having a small business designation and while we are only in the third month …

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Crunch Time: #1 Reason You Shouldn’t Delay Getting the New GSA Cyber SINs

THE TIME IS NOW You may or may not be aware that by submitting a proposal for a GSA Schedule 70 contract with the new GSA Cyber Security SINs (Penetration Testing, Incident Response, Cyber Hunt, and Risk & Vulnerability Assessments) it will take you on average 45 days to be awarded a schedule. In the …

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