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10 Tips to Keep in Mind When Networking as a Federal Contractor

As a federal contractor, networking is a very important tool to help you increase your business in the Federal Government marketplace. You should not only network with federal agencies but also with potential teaming or sub-contracting partners. Putting your brand out there is a great way to get noticed by government buyers. Here are ten …

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Why a Gov Blog Should Be Part of Your Government Marketing Strategy

Think it’s hard to make noise and get noticed in the federal marketplace? Well, you’re correct, it is. However, many successful government contractors have become very effective at making noise and generate interest in their solutions with government specific content generation on their Blogs. Target messaging is not a new concept. In fact, contractors in …

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How to Differentiate Yourself from Your Competitors

Are you REALLY that different than everyone else?  Can you prove it? Is it your people? Is it your process? What is it? Differentiators can and should be used to promote the areas in which a company truly excels. Highlighting TRUE differentiators allows a company to distinguish itself from other government contractors who may offer …

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Finding Government Teaming Partners Using GSA eLibrary in 5 Easy Steps

Most successful government contractors understand that teaming with other government contractors can be a quick and effective way to quickly win government sales. There are many benefits to teaming so all new government contractors should understand the basic concept. First, let’s squash that myth that finding teaming partners is difficult. In fact, it’s quite the …

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