Fundamentals of Teaming and Partnering
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Fundamentals of Teaming and Partnering


Teaming and Partnering are two of the most common ways organizations begin to expand their federal sales.

This course covers how to develop a strategic approach to partnering and teaming, how to identify and develop mentor-protégé relationships, and how to develop contractual relationships to effectively respond to government solicitations. Learn how teaming and partnering can be an effective way to build government past performance that allows you to transition to a prime contractor.

During Unit One we will be covering everything you need to know about the strategy behind partnering and teaming. Many government contractors attempt to win business only as a prime contractor but partnering or teaming can be the perfect way for you to win federal contracting opportunities and build up your past performance while also working with another government contractor. It also helps you to share the burden of an opportunity or compete for opportunities you wouldn’t original qualify for without a partner.

In Unit Two we will be learning about another type of partnership, the mentor-protégé relationship and its program. This relationship is a great way for inexperienced and experienced government contractors to come together in a mutually beneficial relationship to improve both contractors’ federal sales numbers!

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Unit One
Partnering & Teaming Strategy 00:04:59
Partnering & Teaming Process Overview 00:04:32
What is a CTA? 00:04:22
CTA vs. Prime-Sub Relationship 00:07:52
Benefits and Tips 00:04:15
Unit Two
Mentor-Protégé Program Overview 00:02:44
Mentor Benefits 00:02:10
Protégé Benefits 00:01:28
How to Choose a Good Mentor 00:02:17
How to Choose a Good Protégé 00:04:48
Fundamentals of Teaming and Partnering Quiz 00:30:00

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