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Ryan C. Bradel is an experienced government contracts lawyer. He focuses his practice on government contracts litigation matters and has successfully represented clients before the Court of Federal Claims, the Boards of Contract Appeals, th ...

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Determining If Small Business Set-Asides Are Right For You


Every year government contractors across all industries and contract vehicles find success as small businesses thanks to set-aside contracts, agency goals and other small business related programs and initiatives.

Throughout this course you will learn about the value of small business set-asides, as well as how to become one. Key topics will include the mechanics of set-aside procurements for small business, the limitation on subcontracting, and all of the fundamental information you need to know regarding qualifying as a small business. Take this course and begin increasing your government contracting sales as a small business today!

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Unit One
The Value of Small Businesses Set-Asides and How to Become One 00:02:33
The Mechanics of Setting-Aside a Procurement for Small Business 00:04:36
The Performance of Work Requirements a.k.a. the Limitation On Subcontracting 00:07:16
Unit Two
Qualifying As a Small Business: General Requirements 00:07:17
Qualifying As a Small Business: Avoiding Affiliation 00:09:05
Qualifying As a Small Business: Requirements For Specific Programs 00:13:09
Unit Three
Policing Participation in Small Business Set-Asides 00:06:16
Determining If Small Business Set-Asides Are Right For You Quiz 00:30:00

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